15th – 18th September 2020

  • A digital event to promote the global networking of forensic entomology and push its applicability!
  • Moving closer in times of distancing - Now more than ever!

a permanent attendance is not required, as there will only be a selected number of live events; many contributions will be successively put online during the period mentioned above.

Keynote talks by e.g. (in alphabetic order) Gail Anderson (Simon Fraser University Burnaby, Canada), Shari Forbes (Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, Canada), M. Lee Goff (Chaminade University of Honolulu, United States), Martin Hall (Natural History Museum London, England), Simon Leather (Harper Adams University, England), Gaétan Moreau (Université de Moncton, Canada), Stefan Uitdehaag (Netherlands Forensic Institute, The Hague) to be continued!

Video & poster presentations of working groups from all over the world

Workshops on insect identification & statistics

Student club to establish a network of young scientists

Roundtable on the future of forensic entomology (meetings)


Video              5-10 minutes; a recorded lecture, a presentation of your  

                        working group, a tutorial   how to prepare an insect, a  

                        PowerPoint presentation, etc.

Presentation 10 minutes PowerPoint presentation of a scientific study,  

                        a review, etc. => like for a real conference

“Poster“         2-3 slides with a 3 minutes talk

Passive          watching / participating without an own contribution


If you are interested in participating, either passively or actively, send a mail to



All submissions will be available to registered participants during the conference. After that dates it is up for discussion whether all or individual contributions should be made publicly accessible to everyone as a kind of digital abstract book or on a website.


Check back often for regular updates!


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